EKI (Spring / 2022)
James Nizam: Interview
Claudia Sicuranza

Border Crossings (Fall / 2021)
Light Space Camera Language
Rodney LaTourelle

Canadian Art  (Spring / 2016)
‘Aperture for Destruction’
Kimberly Phillips

Espace Magazine (Fall / 2014)
‘Metaphorical Spaces: An Interview with James Nizam’
Peter Dubé

British Journal of Photography  (May / 2012)
‘Beam of Attention’
Diane Smyth

Canadian Art  (Fall / 2012)
‘James Nizam’
Dion Kliner

Here & Elsewhere  (Online / 2012)
‘James Nizam: Trace Heavens’
Emmy Lee Wall

Canadian Art  (Online / 2012)
‘James Nizam: Chasing the Sun’
Mariam Nader

Canadian Art  (Online / 2012)
‘James Nizam: Little Mountain’s Residual Life’

Border Crossings  (February / 2008)
‘Review: James Nizam’
Robin Laurence

Canadian Art  (Summer / 2008)
‘Review: James Nizam’
Dion Kliner